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How to change your Twitter header image

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How to change your Twitter header image

The last few days I’ve been pursuing Twitter and seeing some users have headers! Say wha?? I want one of those! So I did a little searching and found out that this is a new feature that rolled out with the Twitter iPad app.

Never fear, you don’t need to have the iPad app to add a header but you can access it from your friendly browser (mine is called Chrome). I’ve included pictures to show you just what to do – they are a bit tiny so click on them to get a size that you can see without your glasses 😉

First off go to edit your profile:

Then go to Design (it’s a tab on the left hand side)

Go to Design in edit profile

Scroll down and add a photo from your computer

Select an image for your header

And then you have a pretty header! Hoorah!

Pretty Twitter header!

If you have the iPad app, you can take a picture and add it to your header but you can’t seem to be able to do that on your phone yet.

Done something cool and inventive with your new Twitter header? I’d love to see it! Please put a URL below and I’ll post my favorite ones!