Sunday lunch at the Coach and Horses

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cFood at the coach and horses

Coach and Horses
173-175 Clapham Park Road
London, United Kingdom, SW4 7EX

One of the things I promised myself at the beginning of January is no work on the weekends (Or at least Sundays). So though my work was poking out of my bag, I thought Sunday lunch and a film was in order. As only the Ritzy had tickets left for Black Swan, we decided something close to Brixton would be the best bet. First pub on our tour was the Grey Goose. Not only was it fully booked out, but the place was too loud for any type of conversation.

Next pub down the road. The Coach and Horses. First thing I see is two old men having a smoke outside with their pints of Guinness still inside at a table by the door. Hmmm. Old man pub. This is going to be dodgy. Or so I thought.

Though the place was fairly empty and rugby was on the big screen (it’s OK – me and my Australian flatmate like Rugby), we thought we’d give it a try. And there was a fireplace. I can’t resist a bit of fire. Ooo. And a little bit of indie music playing through the speakers. And, well, the barmen were pretty hot.

We decided on a Pork Belly roast dinner for Trish and fish and chips for me and crossed our fingers. No need to fret. The food that came out was rather good. My fish was very lightly battered. Normally I have to take the batter off as it gets too much, but not on this fish. And the chips were amazing. Thick wedges that were crisp like proper roast potatoes on the outside and hot and fluffy on the inside. And it came with a pureed pea and mint side that resembled pesto instead of the typical mushy peas. I preferred it this way.

As for the pork belly, her verdict was tough but tasty and we both thought we’d come there again especially as there were plenty of seats. We wonder how long the old man pub facade will keep the hordes away. A couple artfully strung fairy lights and the place would be packed on the weekends (or maybe it normally is and we beat the crowd?). Still, please don’t change Coach and Horses. We promise we’ll come back as long as you don’t try to get any “ambience.” It just wouldn’t suit.

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