Birthday celebrations at Yokozuna

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Whitemud Crossing
4121 – 106 Street
Edmonton, AB

I first went to Yokozuna about a year ago when my family took me straight after they picked me up from the airport. My mom is in love with the dragon rolls. It’s fitting that we then returned to celebrate my mom’s birthday there.

My family at Yokozuna

Nine of us fit ourselves around the table and the ordering began. First came the tea, which was unlike any I have had before. They serve a unique blend including puffed rice which cuts out the bitterness of the green tea and adds a nutty flavour which made me drink more than I usually do.

Yokozuna soup

Then we had soba noodles in soup, California rolls, tempera, chicken Tappan, the infamous dragon rolls, beef teriyaki, thinly sliced raw beef, and sashimi.

Yokozuna sashimi

The sashimi bowl was presented as a work of art – too pretty by far to eat.

Yokozuna bento box

I settled on a salmon bento box with two types of salad, miso soup, tempera and sashimi. The sashimi was thinner than that at Furusato and though I was told it should be on the thinker side, I liked this thinner cut. It allows me to savour the fish more in one bite instead of feeling overwhelmed by a mouthful of fish. I loved the glass noodle salad that came with it – so refreshing and light with a hint of lemon and cucumber. I wasn’t as keen on the seaweed salad I got as a replacement for the spinach salad. I’m a wakame fan and this was the thin noodle like seaweed. That’s my preference so I can’t fault the restaurant.

Yokozuna California rolls

Everyone around the table seemed to enjoy their meals. The California rolls stayed mostly untouched. They were beautiful to look at but way too big. As my step-dad said, he likes sushi to be a pop in your mouth type affair and these were at least three or four so the roll fell apart as you tried to eat it.

Yokozuna mango ice cream

I think I may have preferred Yokozuna to Furusato. Of course dining in is always a different experience as are birthday celebrations but I thought the space was brighter, the menu more extensive and better priced. A bonus is as a smaller group, we could have had a private room with paper walls and sliding doors. A place where you take off your shoes and sit on cushions around a low sunk in table. A definite transportation to another world in the middle of the snowy prairies.