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Web Series: Raptured

A new web series by Red on Black Productions.

21st October, 2011. The Rapture happens, as predicted earlier this year, but it’s not the fire and brimstone we’ve come to fear – it’s merely a routine earth upgrade which happens every century or so.

Season One of Raptured follows a lovelorn 30-something, Sarah Bailey, who is tricked into being in charge of the Rapture. Instead of the seamless upgrade that’s happened in the past, half the people have been left behind. It’s now Sarah’s job to make sure they make it over.

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Sounds of us

As part of the Museum of Broken Relationships, the short film Sounds of Us was inspired by one of the objects donated to the Museum of Broken Relationships when it came to Tristen Bates Theatre in London, UK.

As taken from the Museum of Broken Relationships website, “the Museum of Broken Relationships grew from a traveling exhibition revolving around the concept of failed relationships and their ruins. Unlike ‘destructive’ self-help instructions for recovery from failed loves, the Museum offers a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation: by contributing to the Museum’s collection.

Conceptualized in Croatia by Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić, the Museum has since toured internationally, amassing an amazing collection. Although often colored by personal experience, local culture and history, the exhibits presented here form universal patterns offering us to discover them and feel the comfort they can bring.”

The film is now part of the permanent exhibition in Zagreb, Croatia.

Control, Shift, Delete

A small group of members of London’s Tuttle Club took the long way round to 2010’s SXSW interactive festival (SXSWi) in Austin, TX. They started off in Boston, MA in the first week in March and then took the train to NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta and New Orleans before driving from NOLA over to Austin in time for the SXSWi opening on March 12th.

In each of the cities they visited, they interviewed people from all walks of life to see how the Internet and social media has affected their lives – and what they would do if it was gone tomorrow.

This project is currently in the post-production stage.

Music Video for Wanda, Darling of the Jockey Club by Duke Special

This music video was entirely shot and edited on an iPhone 3GS for a video competition put on by Duke Special.

Starring Sophie Steel. Directed and filmed by Heather Taylor.

Year: 2010

Running time: 3:03 min

The Hulalas

When people think hula hoops in the UK, the potato snack comes to mind. But recently, there has been a resurgance in the craze from the 50s when poodle skirted and slicked hair youth spent their time flicking and twirling a small plastic hoop.

Red on Black Productions’s new short documentary, The Hula-las, follows the hooping duo of the same name. Laura Kerr and Heidi .C. Mace weren’t always friends but have known each other since secondary school. After finishing their studies, they both found themselves in London and began hooping together as a hobby. Endless bumps and bruises later their hobby became an obsession, and now they perform, lead worskhops, and make and sell hoops.This short documentary documents their story.

Wild West Dream
Producer/ Co-director
Atlantic Film Festival Premiere
Edmonton International Film Festival
September, 2009

Outside of North America, the Wild West invokes images of line dancing and country music; Clint Eastwood and John Wayne. But to 36-year-old Irish-born firefighter, Gareth Boyd, the Wild West means so much more. Gareth likes to ride bulls. Big bulls. Not for the faint-hearted, this is rough stock riding – the most dangerous event in the rodeo – where the aim is to stay bareback on a bull for 8 seconds.

Directed by: Heather Taylor, Michelle Tsen

Filmed & Edited by Michelle Tsen

Distributor: Red on Black Productions

Country: UK

Year: 2009

Running time: 4:41 min

Video features/ content for Let’s Talk PayPal
Director/ Producer/ Editor
2009/ 2010

Let’s Talk is a great place to read about what PayPal are doing behind the scenes or to find out about the latest in eCommerce. In addition to PayPal related topics, Heather regularly produces video interviews and podcasts with experts in finance, social media and web development, to help you use PayPal and the internet better. She’ll also be featuring merchants and individuals who use PayPal to find out how it works for them.

The Last Thakur
London Film Festival Premiere
Dubai International Film Festival
October, 2008

UK film-maker Sadik Ahmed directs this intense contemporary Western, which takes place in a remote town in the marshlands of Bangladesh. A mysterious young man, Kala, arrives armed with a rifle. He immediately creates a stir in the small town and especially attracts the attention of two rival leaders: the ruthless and powerful Chairman who runs the place and purports to represent his people and the one man that stands in his way: the local Thakur, one of the last Hindu landlords, who is manically re-claiming all the surrounding land for which loans remain un-paid in order to build a temple.

Walking into the middle of this bitter feud, Kala soon finds himself approached by both men to take their side. Broke and hungry, Kala begins to bargain with them, but he is here on his own mission, to find the man that raped and killed his mother and take his revenge. Some of Bangladesh’s finest theatre performers offer great performances. Ahmed’s training as a cinematographer is clearly evident in the bold picturisation of haunting landscapes and hollow-face-men with murder on their minds.

“This beautifully shot film perfectly captures the rising tension
between the characters as the story heads towards its inexorable
bloody conclusion.”
– BBC London

Directed by: Sadik Ahmed

Written by: Heather Taylor, Sadik Ahmed

Cast: Tariq Anam, Tanveer Hasan, Rubel Ahmed, Anisur Rahman Milon

Distributor: Artificial Eye

Country: UK-Bangladesh

Year: 2008

Running time: 81min

Click here to watch footage of the premiere