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The London riots hit Clapham and Clapham hits back

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It’s hard to believe that anyone hasn’t heard about the London riots. I followed online on Saturday and Sunday – it was scary and angering but it felt far away. On Monday that changed…

Storify: The London riots hit Clapham and Clapham hits back with #riotcleanup


  1. Nicole
    9 August, 2011

    It was an amazing day, I posted this on Twitter just now: ‘Today started off being one of the most depressing and then turned into one of the most life-affirming days of my life! #riotcleanup’. And I really mean it, it was such an amazing feeling of togetherness. Thank you again for making it all happen!

    • Heather Taylor
      9 August, 2011

      Thanks for posting it! Wouldn’t have worked if it weren’t for all of you. Brilliant. And thanks for your words Dan. So glad to be a part of helping London to stand.

  2. @danmaynard
    9 August, 2011

    Great story, but such a shame this happened. Was worried about you last night, but live how you took to the street, broom in hand.

    We will bring London back from this.

  3. James Whatley
    10 August, 2011

    Good work Heather, really – a shining light x

  4. Gemma Went
    10 August, 2011

    Wonderful response, it really has been heart warming to see how people have come together.

  5. Mark Batchelor
    10 August, 2011

    Great job Heather! Thanks!

  6. Andy Piper
    10 August, 2011

    Heather, as usual, a reflection of your amazing personality. Thank you for posting this and thank you for showing that people won’t be beaten by this mindlessness. You rock!