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Screenwriter and director of webseries Raptured and Home Baked Stories, Director of Content Strategy, North America at The Economist. Former PayPal and BBC employee. Writing the next screenplay for a film in a theatre near you.

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This section covers interviews, articles I’m quoted in, guest blog posts or reviews of my work. Some will point to the original article or if it is in print only, a copy has been reproduced on this site.

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As well as being firmly entrenched in the world of content creation and strategy, I like to speak about it too. Here’s a (not so exhaustive) list of the things I’ve done!

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No more week ones

Posted in Blog

Wow. The Internet is a nice day on your birthday. Thank you everyone for so much love. It’s easier than ever now to connect to people. I got messages by text, on Facebook, Twitter, email. Without being too cheesy, it made me feel blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. But sometimes, […]

Revisiting 101 things in 1001 days

Posted in Musings

Back in 2006 (yes 9 years ago!), I created a list of 101 things to do in 1001 days. That’s 3 years to get the stuff done. It was one of those blogger-type memes that went around, but hey! It’s a good idea, so I’m going to do it again. I’m going to try to mix […]

38 (or so) things to do in London

38 (or so) things to do in London

Posted in Travel

As a long time London resident, people ask me about the best things to do in London. Before I get into my long long list of top things to do in London, here are some links to a couple lists that exist already. One is of my “Day of Fun” – a fantastic day with […]


David Casey, PayPal

Heather’s presence was both personally motivating and professionally exceptional. The scope of her social media initiatives was exceeded only by her motivation to get out and implement them. I can’t recommend her enough!

- David Casey, PayPal
Garreth Griffith, The Wonga Group

Heather is the quintessential social media expert. She built PayPal’s Let’s Talk website and programme from scratch and put PayPal UK on the social media map. She is fully plugged into the industry network and somehow manages to stay in touch with developments in the everchanging social media world. All the while being a true professional and fun, inspiring person to work with.

- Garreth Griffith, The Wonga Group
Andy Piper, Twitter

Personable, warm, creative, expert, talented, committed… a passionate speaker, a generous friend who is happy to share her knowledge and connections. The times I’ve worked with her, I’ve never failed to be astounded by this incredible woman. You will not be disappointed in any collaboration with her

- Andy Piper, Twitter
Kelly Craft, Aptisense

I’d travel miles to attend an event that features Heather as a speaker. She’s got a brilliant mind for strategy & a glowing smile she flashes often, especially as she zeroes in on what’s not working. I’m not sure I have ever met a speaker who engaged so fully and with such benefit at any event I’ve attended before or since. Heather will make your event something to remember.

- Kelly Craft, Aptisense