Well hello there! I’m a writer and director based in New York and London working in the world of transmedia and immersive fiction. I'm also the founder of Red on Black Productions where I make web series, films and transmedia projects that have been seen around the globe. Read more about me…

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Heather’s enthusiasm is great. She's always honest and always herself, but she is just genuinely excited about what she does. Her feel for content production, PR and Social Media is top notch. I would definitely recommend working with or getting to know Heather.
She makes it look easy engaging with an ever growing community, keeping it real, open & honest. No claims to be an expert, guru or specialist either, just doing the basics, but doing it damn well. Get to know her better and you discover a cool world of poetry, arts and film over and above her ninja tech skills too.
Heather was very helpful and friendly and not afraid to give straight feedback when necessary. All in all, I recommend her as a very user friendly and engaging person to do business with.